Welcome to Liverpool

We stopped in Liverpool by accident. We thought that going to the Beatles city would please Carolina but we rapidly understood why they flew to Hamburg as soon as possible. Shiina already knew Liverpool and didn't warn us because is guide, the best of all, said we would have big sausages for breakfast. That was true but my guide also said: "Vraiment une adresse de d├ępannage" and this was true too.

Mount Pleasant

Rapidly understanding that we would be better far from our Hostel, we decided to explore the city. Very soon we got rejected to the docks, the only nice place of Liverpool.

Liverpool docks Sunset on Liverpool docks

And anyway, Liverpool being mostly a port after a walk to the famous Beatles place such as the Cavern Club, we found that the best thing to do was to lock ourselves in our YMCA room.

Liverpool port

On the following day, we took the car quite early and didn't even go to see Penny Lane, we were much better far from Liverpool.