Our Trip to Scotland

Antonio, Arnaud, Carolina & Shiina

Map of our trip
Clickable map of our trip

For now you still can go and visit England

Or if you want, you can just like us begin your visit in York and its world famous minster.

After York we didn't stop in Newcastle and went directly to Scotland to spend the afternoon in Edinburgh.

From Edinburgh we left to the Highlands but we stopped in St Andrews and Dundee before we reached Loch Lochy where we spent the night.

The night after, we slept in the haunted Carbisdale Castle, north of Inverness of course not without drinking a glass of Whisky at Glen Ord distillery which allowed us to see the Loch-Ness monster.

After all this travel, we came back to Glasgow after visiting the famous castle of Stirling.

The day after allowed us to drive across the foggy Lake District to reach Liverpool where we understood why the Beatles didn't stay there.

Eventually, we finished our trip by Wales and the Cardiff castle and we stopped in Bath before coming back home in Colchester.

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