Welcome to Carbisdale

As Leo had recommended us, we went to spend the night in Carbisdale Castle which is a Youth Hostel. It is located 50 miles north of Inverness, that is in the middle of nowhere, but it is really worth it!

Carbisdale castle

As the weather was quite sunny after a short shower, we went out for a walk in the castle park. We followed a path across the forest to a nice small lake following a torrent. The aim of this walk was the "famous" battlefield of Carbisdale. But what we really enjoyed was the countryside.

A walk in the forest A waterfall

After this walk, we relaxed visiting our castle for one night. It really looks like in the movies with large rooms, big galleries, and maybe secret doors but we didn't find them. There were even fireplaces in each room, I believe our supervisor would have complained.

Carbisdale Castle Inside the castle

Despite all this wonderful place, we didn't sleep well because of strange noises. This at least until Antonio caught the ghost. From this time we could enjoy our beds. And the morrow we took our breakfast in the huge dining room with all the paintings watching us.

Antonio catching the ghost

We really enjoyed this last night in the Highlands and then we began to go back South to Stirling where Carolina told us there were some wonders.