Welcome to Glasgow

We arrived in Glasgow quite late on April the 1st 1999. We had few difficulties to find a place to stay so when we decided to go and visit the city, it was already night.

Glasgow city hall at night

The city is very lively at night and we really enjoyed walking surrounded by big victorian buildings. But as it was late, we preferred to go and visit the following morning. Our B&B was located next to the famous School of Art designed by Mackintosh at the beginning of the century. Most of the buildings in town centre were built in the late XIX century and had a nice victorian style. We walked a while along the river to get to the cathedral but in fact we got lost. Anyway, people there are very nice and Shiina that begun to be quite trained in asking for directions found the place.

Glasgow school of art victorian houses along the river

But one of the main features of Glasgow his the cultural side of the city. It is Britain city of architecture for 1999 and has a very nice gallery of modern art. Lots of new artists come from this city.

the gallery of modern art

Anyway, we had planned to visit the Lake District this day so we were not able to stay much longer, even if the four of us really liked this city.