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I am years old, French and live in Bishop's Stortford (UK). I am an Air Traffic Management Systems Engineer working for . Below are a few of my interests.

If you want to contact me just email me at this address !

There are still too many persons who haven't visited my marvellous page!

Calvin Hobbes

Here are my favourite comics CALVIN and HOBBES. Unfortunately their very last adventure has been published in January 1996.

Calvin & Hobbes


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I also like maths so I have written a small program to generate magic squares. It is based on La Hire's method so it generates each time a different square.
I was using CGI but as I moved my site I can't any more. I ported it to JAVA.
You can get the sources in a JAR containing a BlueJ project by clicking here: SquareApplet.jar. This JAR will also run as a standalone program.

Soon my hp calculators collection.

A few of my boomerangs

When the weather allows it, which is quite rare around here, I go out to play with my boomerangs.
A long time ago, I made some pages about cardboard boomerangs. They are still here for anyone wanting to play a bit, and I may add to them if I get some ideas...

You can learn a bit more about throwing boomerangs in the UK by visiting these friends' websites:

Or a few of my favourite ones:

If you want to throw (or try) in Bishop's Stortford, .

This section will be updated with my holidays photos.

The Bruxelles pictures are on (Yǎ Lién) blog.

Before you leave my webpage, go and check (Yǎ Lién) blog. As she is my girlfriend, you might even see a picture of me?

Do not hesitate to if you have any question or just want to .