Here is the diagram for an origami boomerang
If you don't know how to read these diagrams you can learn.
Moreover you'd better train because this isn't eazy folding work.

This diagram comes from "Pliages en liberté" by Didier Boursin who got his inspiration from Max Hulme. Thanks to Vincent Osele for finding this out.

Use a rectangle of good quality paper (quite heavy but foldable) about twice longer than large.

  1. Folding diagramFold and unfold in half
  2. Folding diagramPleat both edges to the center as shown
  3. Folding diagramCrease the central fold and turn the model over
  4. Folding diagramFold the axis and the folds at 45°
  5. Folding diagramCrease the pleat-Repeat behind
    Unfold the model
  6. Folding diagramCrease all the folds as shown (valley or mountain)
    Fold along the horizontal line
  7. Folding diagramFold in half pushing the square inside the model
  8. Folding diagramFold completely inside
    Same as VII and VIII on the other side
  9. Folding diagramCrease both tips
  10. Folding diagramReverse fold the part on the right inside the model
    Repeat on the other tip
  11. Folding diagramFold the remaining part inside the wing
    Repeat on the other wing
  12. Folding diagramThe finished boomerang

If you have problems folding your boomerang .